A Don Piper Situation

A Don Piper Situation


Edward Rogers

Rogers & Butler 2019 > Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician
TV Generation 2017 > Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician
Glass Marbles 2016 > Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician
Kaye 2014 > Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician
Porcelain 2013 > CoProducer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician
Sparkle Lane 2010 > CoProducer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician

Bedsit Poets

Rendezvous 2012 > Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician

Vagabond Hearts

Two Jokers In a Pack 2015 > Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician

Syd Straw

Pink Velour 2008 > Engineer, Musician

Eszter Balint

Airless Midnight 2015 > Engineer

Matt Trowbridge

on Franny and Zooey 2015 > Engineer, Mixer, Musician
Wheels EP 2011 > Engineer, Mixer, Musician
Radio Soap Star Opera 2009 > Engineer, Mixer, Musician

Amanda Thorpe

Bewitching Me: The Lyrics of Yip Harburg 2014 > CoProducer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician
Promenade 2011 > CoProducer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician

George Usher & Lisa Burns

George & Lisa 2018 > Mixer

So We Are & The Rock Valley Retinue

Things We’ve Learned 2016 > Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician

Rhoda Morgan

Just The Other Side Of Nowhere 2015 > Engineer, Mixer

Two Dark Birds

Bow 2017 > Engineer, Musician
Songs For The New 2011 > Engineer, Musician
Two Dark Birds 2008 > Engineer, Musician

Peter Salett

Chameleon XP 2019 > Engineer, Co-producer
Suite For The Summer Rain > Engineer
Addicted To Distraction 2010 > CoProducer, Engineer, CoMix, Musician
In The Ocean Of The Stars 2008 > Engineer, Musician

Dina RuDeen

The Common Splendor > Engineer

Chris Mills & The Distant Stars

Alexandria 2014 > Engineer

Bambi Kino

Bambi Kino 2011 > Engineer, Mixer

The Poison Tree

The Poison Tree 2011 > Engineer

The Oxygen Ponies

Exit Wounds 2011 > Engineer
Harmony Handgrenade 2009 > Producer, Engineer
The Oxygen Ponies 2006 > Producer, Engineer, Mixer

Alice Bierhorst

All Shall Be Revealed 2012 > Engineer, Mixer

Randi Russo

Fragile Animal 2011 > Engineer, Musician


Everything Wrong Is Imaginary 2006 > Engineer, Musician

Robbers On High Street

Grand Animals 2007 > Engineer, Musician

Dave Doobinin

The Birth Of Wonder 2008 > Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Musician

Ward White

Done With The Talking Cure 2011 > Engineer

Home For Wayward Drummers

Home For Wayward Drummers 2014 > Mixer

Daniel Adam Smith

Saltwater Days 2006 > Producer, Engineer, Musician
A New History 2010 > Producer, Engineer, Musician


Yeti Boombox 2009 > Engineer, Musician, Mixer

Leah Paul

Trenza 2014 > Engineer, Mixer


And The Elephant Is Dancing 2009 > Engineer

Trixie Whitley

Upcoming release > Engineer

Kathy Ziegler

Don’t Worry, The Danger 2005 > CoProducer, Engineer

The Silos

Florizona 2011 > Engineer


Memo To My Son (Randy Newman) 2006 > Engineer
The Sun Shines Down On Me (Daniel Johnston) 2004 > Engineer
Days (Ray Davies) > Engineer

The Mobius Band

The Loving Sounds Of Static 2005 > Engineer

John P. Strohm

Everyday Life 2007 > Engineer

Zemog El Gallo Bueno

Nueva York Sessions 2009 > Engineer

Matt Hawkes

Yardbird Children 2015 > Engineer

Wiltrud Weber

A Spiritual Embrace 2011 > Engineer, Mixer

David Roland

Birth Rites 2011 > Engineer, Musician
Funeral Rites 2012 > Engineer, Musician

Claudia Chopek

Ben Crum

Joe Russo

Mick Lewis

Josh Joplin

Sam Champion

Emil Memon

Glass Rifle


My Cousin, The Emperor

Mark Miller

Randy Suarez

Paranoid Larry

The Rappaport Account

David Heatley

Less The Band

Girl Friday

The 22/20’s


Sunset Victim

A Big Yes and a small no

The Morning After Girls

Universal Sunshine

Jeffrey Gaines

Tony Harnell

Royal Americans

The Reason Why


Deb Montgomery

World War IX

The Gay Agenda

2 1/2 Lounge

The Traveling Men

Atomic Hepcats


Tomorrow You’re Gone (Feature film directed by David Jacobson) : Mixed score by Peter Salett
21 Below (Documentary film directed by Samantha Buck) : Mixed score by Peter Salett
Down In The Valley (Feature film directed by David Jacobson) : Played lap steel on score by Peter Salett and have the song “I Know” featured in the film.
Caravan Summer (Feature Independent film directed by Kevin Ford / Monica Deo) Wrote and played score on piano. Featured songs “Roll Away” and “A Journey”
When Is Tomorrow (Feature film directed by Kevin Ford) featuring a few songs from “Inside A Change”
Blackbird (Feature film directed by Adam Rapp) features the song “The One That You Love”.

Assistant Engineer

Iron & Wine
Tift Merritt
Citizen Cope
Kris Delmhorst
Anoushka Shankar & Norah Jones
Henry Threadgill
Lionel Lueke
Aaron Parks
Jeff Ballard
Trio 3
Jim Keller
Andy Statman
Endangered Blood
Garland Jeffries
Claudia Quintet
Jason Moran

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