A Don Piper Situation

A Don Piper Situation


“A self-released record, that sounds as lush and gorgeous as a big budget allows. Don Piper adheres to the open-strum pop of the Crowded House school and some of the emotionalism and sadness of American Music Club and its ilk, throwing in some Badfinger for the kind of album that has enough gloss and hooks to keep your sister interested without boring you. Frankly, it’s a complementary mix. Just as the long, repetitive and slightly rocked out coda of “Go Free” jibes with the acoustic tenderness of “Start Again,” the classic power-pop song structure of “Just Checking In” — with perhaps, the best falsetto in recent memory — meets them in the middle with acoustic strumming and a gorgeously powerful chorus. By sounding simultaneously old and new, Saturate delivers one of the surprise pop records of 2000”

“Purveying a profoundly melodic combination of power-pop and atmospherics, these memorable songs (Saturate) at times recall the airier spots in Bends-era Radiohead, Jeff Buckley‘s ethereality, and Alex Chilton‘s more coherent moments; There’s also an element of Neil Finn in the poppier tracks. Throughout, Piper’s beautiful high voice gives the songs a deceptive fragility. It’s truly depressing to think what might have happened had this album been “officially” released. But hey, that’s showbiz. But does it have to be?”

“Don’t let the acoustic guitar, sensitive melodies and boyishly yearning voice fool you – Don Piper isn’t just another coffeehouse drivel merchant. On his one-man-band indie ep, piper flexes his pop muscles in a host of styles: John Lennon balladry, Harry Nilsson show-biz flourishes, unhinged Alex Chilton rock”
Rolling Stone

“This album (Saturate) is a highly enjoyable collection of tunes, ranging in style from mournful love songs to jangly power pop. Don Piper sets himself apart from the masses, both in his compelling songwriting and in the outsider’s standpoint. It’s listening to albums like this which makes one lament the position of unsigned bands in a Britney world. Piper’s voice is clear and vibrant, making this record a standout in today’s pop climate of false sentiment and overblown production values.”

“One of the finest powerpop songwriters in town. His best songs (played with his crack quartet, A Don Piper Situation) achieve a perfect balance of harmony, texture, dynamic variation…and rock, rock, rock”
New York Magazine

“A versatile pop quartet led by Austin transplant Don Piper, whose gimlet-eyed songcraft sparked a justly deserved big-label bidding war in 1997”
The New Yorker

“Released from their Capitol contract without releasing a record, this IS the record (Saturate) that the merger crazy major label world decided not to bring into our lives, shamefully. Housed in a slip-cover case and hand printed by the band, this band not only is great, but have their own sound, certainly appealing to many power pop fans. Its evocative natures, wistful strummings and purity of unique vision makes this a band that Capitol should regret not pursuing.”
Pure Pop music store

“This collection of tunes (Saturate) is rather spectacular. These fellows display a rather impressive maturity in their songwriting. The guitars ring loud and true…and the vocal melodies are truly super. No easy gimmicks and overused formulas here. These tunes are intelligent, thought provoking, and very entertaining. we particularly love “just checking in”…wow”

“Guitar-based pop that shouldn’t be considered quirky except that i’ve never heard anything quite like it before. It takes a few listens for the melodies to stick, but once they do, they do it hard”

“Don Piper takes the chipper sound of the british invasion and makes it gentle and folky. The saccharine tones of toy piano and triangle play off of Piper’s wistful strum and pining vocal. These intimate ditties aren’t designed to grab your attention at first. The subtlety of A Don Piper Situation is part of what makes you want to listen to the band’s music over and over again”
Philadelphia City Paper

“His melodies seem instantly familiar and his lazy phrasing has the sweet quirkiness of Victoria Williams. The words just seem to go with the music, and you don’t really care what they mean; You just go along for the ride”
Instant album review

“You’re about to hear ‘a hitchhiking David Bowie getting picked up by the Flaming Lips on their way to a Zombies fan convention’ so make yourself at home because you will remember this music until you die”
The Commentator

“The high quality of this ep insures that attention will be paid to the group”

“Don Piper’s got a truckload of amazing, silly love songs that are just dying to replace every piece of crap on modern rock radio right now”
Philadelphia Weekly

“New York’s favorite singer-songwriter, Don Piper, mixes the poignant sensitivity of Sister Lovers era Alex Chilton with some Wilco-esque alt country. This is a hard sound to describe but is a great find for fans of the aforementioned acts or for fans of Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, etc”

“A mellow poet capable of crossing styles, putting a psychedelic spin into the current fad du jour of alternative country”
Grip magazine

“Five songs is not enough… haunting, evocative, gorgeous and not for parties”
Pure Pop Music Store

“They’re good. damn good. The guy’s got a way with melodies, and his vocals are smoooooooooth. Get in on something before it becomes something”

“A confectionary, smartly crafted bit of soulful pop”

“These are stunning, winsome songs”

“This ep deserves recognition for its sheer beauty and pop pedigree. A breath of fresh air in these distortion-heavy and sample-happy times”
Mode Magazine

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