A Don Piper Situation

A Don Piper Situation


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Saturate (self released) 1997

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Produced, engineered & mixed by Craig Ross & Robbie Adams
Recorded at Dreamland studios , West Hurley NY
Assisted by Sue Kapa
Mixed at the Magic Shop, NYC
Assisted by Juan Garcia

*Produced, engineered & mixed by Mike Musmanno & Shelly Yakus
Recorded and mixed at Tongue & Groove Philadelphia, PA
Assisted by John Connelly

Don Piper : vocals, guitars, mc303, melotron
Matt Horn : drums
Ed Parrinello : bass
Kevin McMahon : guitars
Chris “Frenchieā€ Smith : guitars
Craig Ross : guitars
Mike Musmanno : wurlitzer
Ezra Weisner : vocals

Final mastering by Ken Heitmeuller
for Hancock / Independence NYC
Also mastered by Greg Calbi
at Masterdisc

Cover art by Neil Sreenan

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