A Don Piper Situation

A Don Piper Situation

About Don Piper

Don Piper is a guitarist, producer/engineer, songwriter and singer. As leader of ‘a don piper situation’, he has recorded a few albums, the brilliant pop-rock saturate for Capitol Records and the muted and beautiful but unmistakably pop inside a change. Don has produced and/or recorded, as well as played with, many artists including Syd Straw, Edward Rogers, Marty Willson-Piper, Peter Salett, Sandy Bell, Guster, Robbers on High Street, Dawn Landes, Dave Doobinin, Two Dark Birds, Amanda Thorpe, Bambi Kino and many others over the past 15 years. For a couple of years, Don curated and hosted a monthly singer-songwriter evening in the East Village at HiFi every second Monday of the month called Monday Monday. Now he is curating a new series called Last Wednesday with Mike Stuto that will feature songwriters on the last Wednesday of every month.

Radio Free Song Club

Radio Free Song Club is a group of writers with a monthly song deadline. Host Nicholas Hill presents these new tunes along with interviews and live performances and special guests. Some of the songs are finished and fully produced, some are roughly recorded fragments, some in-between. The writers are looking for a good song, the world is looking for a good song. Someone might get lucky. Members include Dave Schramm, Freedy Johnston, Laura Cantrell, Don Piper, Peter Blegvad, Amy Allison, Kate Jacobs, Jody Harris, David Mansfield, Victoria Williams, Nicholas Hill, Peter Holsapple, Robin Holcomb, Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby.

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