A Don Piper Situation
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A Don Piper Situation

and then there was Covid. Damn. It’s been a messed up year with more uncertainty than ever before in our lives. A lot has happened since I was last on this site. Mike Stuto and I did six months of our songwriter series “Last Wednesday” and then we got too busy to keep it up. Then the corovavirus happened which ended all live music for the unknowable future. This means the big Ronnie Lane tribute that I was putting together with Edward Rogers was cancelled. This means the Rogers & Butler UK tour opening up for the Zombies was cancelled. This means everything was cancelled. Well in the meantime, I got to work on some records like “Poets & Sinners” by Rogers & Butler. You should buy this as soon as possible. Buy the CD and listen to it all the way through. If you are a lover of classic rock songwriting of the 60’s/70’s variation like me, then this record is for you. I’m very proud of it indeed. You can buy it here:
I also made some music videos for Rogers & Butler. I guess I’m a video editor now. Let me know if you need some video editing done. Here are some links to check them out.
Olde Store Fronts
Roll The Stone
A Satisfied Mind

Now since we can’t play publicly these days, us musicians now have to be creative in how we get our music to the public which translates to doing streaming concerts on the facebook or the youtube. I guess it’s about my turn to give it a whirl. Depending on when you look at this, I might have something coming up or I might have already done my share. I’ll post on here (hopefully) when I do this. That’s it for now. Everyone stay safe, wear a mask when in public, wash your hands, don’t be an asshole, and remember to vote in November or sooner if you are mailing your ballot in. Peace!

Lots of stuff happening in the near future. First, Wednesday, June 26 is the debut of a new monthly songwriter series called Last Wednesday that Mike Stuto and I are hosting. This first segment features Graham Norwood, Frank Bango, and The Gershwin Brothers. It will take place at Lady Stardust (Commonly known as Upstairs at 2A or The Treehouse) on the last Wednesday of every month. Also coming up: A Don Piper Situation show at Berlin Under A on Monday, July 1 opening for The Schramms on their record release show. Very excited to get the combo out for this one. What else? Wednesday, July 10, I will be playing guitar with the amazing Syd Straw at Mercury Lounge. Early Show 6:30 pm. That’s it for now. I’ll try to be more up to date on this website.

It’s been at least three years since I’ve posted on here. What has been happening? I’ve been making records and playing music. I was recently on tour in the UK with Rogers & Butler. There are a couple of shows coming up with Rogers & Butler. I just finished a new record with Edward Rogers that we are very excited about.

April Fools Day. I very recently made a music video for Edward Rogers for his song Denmark Street Forgotten. Popdose just premiered it today for a week on their online magazine. Check it out HERE!

It’s been a while since I checked in to this website. Lots of stuff happened. Lots of stuff happening. Played a couple of shows at HiFi with Syd Straw which were amazing and a ton of fun. I even flew out to Los Angeles to play a show with Syd at McCabes a couple of weeks ago. Also Edward Rogers‘ new record “Glass Marbles” just came out on March 11. It’s a fantastic record that I am very proud to be a major part of. You can buy it HERE. Speaking of Edward Rogers, I am joining him for 3 shows in the UK in April opening up for the great Colin Blunstone of the Zombies. We are super excited about this. We are playing the Borderline in London. I was featured on a great new podcast that Mike Stuto has been doing from HiFi called Live at Fi : Transmissions from the HiFi bar. You can hear it HERE We are coming up on 2 years that I’ve been doing the Monday Monday shows at HiFi. This April 11 I have as my guests, Serena Jost and David Nagler. This should be awesome. Also this month I will be building a studio for the weekend in a one room school house up in the catskills to make an ep with Joseph LeDoux. This should be a lot of fun. We are doing A Don Piper Situation show at HiFi on April 28. Here comes the summer.

Lots of new happenings. One very exciting bit of news is that I am going to London this December 18th to play with Edward Rogers where we are opening once again for Dave Davies. This is mind blowing for me to be there for his hometown xmas show. We are playing at the Islington Assembly Hall. I have a good Monday Monday coming up on December 7 with Stephen Clair and Perry Serpa at HiFi in the back room. Doing another couple of shows in January with Syd Straw. January 6 and 20 at HiFi. Not sure how we are going to do these shows. Might be duo, maybe small band for one??? You really should not miss these. We had a fantastically fun night there a couple of months ago. Please check out the live page for the details.

This past week was such the week of playing music with a lot of different bands, starting with the Nick Lowe tribute as part of HiFi’s new series Under Your Influence. This was loads of fun getting to play bass in a band with Doug Gillard, Dave Derby, Ben Trokan and Mark Lizotte. Then a couple of days later joining Marty Willson-Piper’s Acre’s of Space for 2 shows. What a thrill for me as a longtime fan of Marty’s guitar playing. Then I got to play up in Piermont, NY at the legendary Turning Point with Edward Rogers. Always a supreme pleasure playing with Ed. Then we ended the 7 day cycle with a Syd Straw show back at my favorite place HiFi. A momentous evening that was. I love this life. dp

JUST IN : Syd Straw and I are playing at HiFi on Monday September 28. You should definitely come to this show.

A Don Piper Situation are playing a last minute show at Fulton Stall Market down at the South Street Seaport on Friday September 11 at 8pm. We are playing with The Oxygen Ponies and Dave Doobinin
It’s part of Little Water Radio.
Click Here for Information about the show.

Saturday August 29, 2015
The website is Alive. I’ve been given the steering wheel to it so now this page will be the place for what’s been happening in my world of music.

Check out the music page where you can hear and download the new album called What It Is

First thanks to Jim Santo for building this website for me. Well done sir.

We finished the Edward Rogers record. Mastered by the great Greg Calbi. I’m really proud of this one. Word is that it will be released on Zip records around the beginning of next year. Speaking of Edward Rogers, we are going to be opening for Dave Davies in October this year. We are super excited about that.

I also recently finished mixing music for Peter Salett on two different projects. One a National Geographic show on robotics starring Paul Giamatti and directed by David Jacobson. Very cool and can’t wait to see the final product. The other project is a new play getting ready to open at the Cherry Lane Theater called Laugh It Up, Stare It Down by Alan Hruska, directed by Chris Eigeman. Peter did a fantastic job on both of these projects and I’m glad to be a part of them.

We have another Monday Monday coming up in September at HiFi. This month’s guest will be Tenterhooks, Benjamin Cartel and Chris Mills. It’s going to be a good one.

I hope you check in once in a while and maybe I’ll keep writing things here in this space. Also check out the live page for dates of me playing out and about.

I just posted the song The Less I Know Is Real on to YouTube. Click HERE for video


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What’s New? I have a new album available here on this new website.

It is called What It Is. It was recorded mostly live in a day and a half at Brooklyn Recording by Andy Taub who also mixed most of the record. You can download an mp3 version for free of all of my albums but if you would like a CD quality download, please contact me here.

I’ve also been working on the latest recording by Edward Rogers. It’s massive and amazing. Double album. We are in the mixing phase. Edward and I just got back from touring in the UK and Sweden in May. We played the Cavern Club in Liverpool. A dream come true.

Click Here for more Information on What It Is

What It Is recording session photos

Studio photos by Len Small and Don Piper. Big group photo by Louise Bauso.

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